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Meet the Headmaster2016-10-24T09:44:14+02:00
Headmaster, mag., Ivan Lorenčič

II. gimnazija Maribor is a school with a long-standing tradition of excellence for more than 60 years, in which time the school has always adhered to its mission: to develop creativity, solidarity, initiative and independence. This mission is achieved through excellent and high-quality lessons and numerous extra-curricular activities that enable our students to develop their talents, interests and skills. The students are expected to exhibit inquisitiveness and commitment to work, all of which enables them to enrol into the best Slovene faculties and even some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

With the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP), the school is also active in the international cultural and educational context. Foreign students who enrol in the IB DP add to the atmosphere of II. gimnazija Maribor, making it more vibrant and diverse.  By carrying out a number of international student exchanges, the students are enabled to gain an insight into other different cultures and languages, which teaches them tolerance and empathy.

The school is open to students’ and their parents’ initiatives, which represents an important aspect in the school’s development and adds a dimension of mutual understanding in solving problems.

The time students spend at II. gimnazija Maribor represents the students’ formative years, and has an important impact on their personal and academic growth. Always bearing this in mind, we are proud that thousands of students have already graduated from our school and have become active members of society. I hope you too will take the chance and join us either in the National Grammar School Programme or in the IB DP.

Ivan Lorenčič, MA