How far is the school from the city centre or the nearest student dorm?

The school is conveniently located just one 1km from the city centre or within 10 minutes’ walking distance. It is about 2 km or 25 minutes on foot to the nearest dorm. The students can use well organized public transport; the nearest bus stop is located right next to the school.

How to get a scholarship?

The tuition is free for all Slovene citizens, Slovenes without citizenship, members of  EU-states and also for citizens of countries with special reciprocal contracts, asylum seekers or temporarily displaced individuals.

For all others, the annual tuition fee is 3035 EUR for the National Grammar School Programme and 8450 EUR for the IB DP.

The students are also offered accommodation in the student dorms for around 2500 EUR annually. The school does not provide any scholarships.

 When to enrol in the IB programme ?

All students who have successfully completed their second year of the grammar school programme, and all students who are not aged more than 17 and have good academic merits can join the program.

Requirements when enrolling in II. gimnazija

Students who enrol in II. gimnazija Maribor are required to pass primary school with distinction. All educational programmes demand selection processes. You will find specific requirements in the descriptions of educational programmes or within the enrolment data.

Are all the IB courses in English?

With the exception of the mother tongue, courses for all subjects are held in English.

What size are the IB classes?

The number of students in the IB classes varies from 22 to 32 students per year.

How to contact us?

You can write to us at info@druga.si

To acquire further information about the IB programme, contact the IB coordinator Polona Vehovar at polona.vehovar@druga.si

How many points do I require to enrol?

The number of points varies and depends on the number of students who wish to enrol.

What kind of questions may I expect at the interview?

Questions refer to common knowledge and the understanding of one’s environment and the world.

What to write in the letter of motivation?

The letter gives the students the opportunity to introduce themselves and gives arguments to support their suitability for the IB programme.