Learning Support and Resources (counselling and library)

//Learning Support and Resources (counselling and library)
Learning Support and Resources (counselling and library)2016-10-24T09:44:13+02:00

Students with any learning disabilities or any personal/family problems can consult special learning support and resource councillors, who also cover enrolment issues regarding secondary and university level education, school transfers, and the withdrawal of students.

School councillors:

Polona Kiker: polona.kiker@druga.si
Tjaša Lepoša: tjasa.leposa@druga.si

Resources: Our library, offering a total of 30.000 units of various library materials and about 70 newspapers and magazines, educating the users and participating in various activities, provides the students and staff with all of the necessary materials and services for regular lessons and extra-curricular activities, and for their professional and personal growth and free time.

Although it is not a routine practice for school libraries, we also receive requests for inter-library loans from other libraries, among them universities, special and national university libraries from Slovenia and abroad.

In 1988 our library was the first library in Slovenia to introduce the electronic system of lending books and accessing online information. Since 1991, it has been a full member of the COBISS system. In 1994, with access to the Internet, it became the model school library.

Nowadays, with more than 30 spots for individual work, computers with Internet connection, the reading corner and the area provided for group work, we rely on the excellence and diversity based on publications in various media and numerous languages. We would like to create conditions and an environment where our users find answers and attention, but also the privacy they need.

Libary: knjiznica@druga.si