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The health and wellbeing of our students is our biggest concern, and with the help of the school’s physician we provide the highest possible standard of care as well as health education.

Our students are provided with appropriate healthcare and they have to attend a medical check-up every second year. In case of any medical problems, we are assisted by a doctor and a dentist that are available for our students from Monday to Friday.

School PhysicianMiroslava Pečnik – Gerlec,  M. D., specialist in school medicine

School Dentist: Rebeka Dobrič, M.D.  and Maja Kavčič. M. D

In case of emergency, our students are accompanied and sent to the general emergency centre or to the urgent care doctor at the local clinic. Students with personal problems are advised to get counselling at the youth counselling service centre. Furthermore, we find it vital to inform our students about a healthy life style, to be conscientious about health, and how to keep a healthy diet and physical activity.


  • Treat sports injuries, minor injuries and illness
  • Supervise pupils with specific medical needs, such as diabetes, asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis
  • Provide a confidential counselling service, offering therapy for a range of issues affecting young adults
  • Vaccinations in line with the State’s Department of Health vaccination programme
  • Comprehensive travel advice and vaccinations


At II. gimnazija Maribor we realize that food is the source of our health. The school cafeteria offers warm and cold meals and snacks daily. The aim of the 45-minute lunch break is to provide an opportunity  to enjoy an abundant warm lunch, and the spacious school cafeteria provides students with peace and quiet during their meal. The menus change daily, which gives students a versatile and healthy diet. Throughout the school curriculum, the students are informed about the importance of their diet for their wellbeing and overall fitness.