What to do in Maribor

//What to do in Maribor
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Welcome to Maribor!

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia with about 96,000 inhabitants in 2015. It is also the largest city of the Lower Styria region and the seat of the City Municipality of Maribor. In the year 2012, Maribor was named one of the European Capitals of Culture. The following year Maribor was the European Youth Capital.

Average winter temperatures are around zero degrees Celsius and summers are generally warm. Average temperatures in July, the city’s warmest month, exceed 20 degrees Celsius, which provides a climate favourable for cultivating vines and upholding Maribor’s wine tradition. Maribor is well known for its Žametovka – officially the oldest vine in the world!

Maribor, or Marpurch, was first mentioned in historical sources in around 1145 and has a very rich history ranging from the medieval times to present.

What to visit in Maribor?

  • The Main City Park and The Three ponds
  • The City Aquarium and Terrarium
  • The Football Stadium Ljudski vrt
  • Piramida and Kalvarija hills
  • The Pohorje mountain range and The Adrenalin Park Pohorje
  • The Medieval Judgement Tower and The Water Tower
  • The Cathedral, The Franciscan Church, St. Magdalena Church
  • The City Castle, The Betnava castle
  • The Renaissance Town hall
  • Maribor Public Library
  • Maribor Art Gallery
  • Maribor Museum, The National Liberation Museum, The Photographic Museum
  • The National Theatre and Opera
  • The Udarnik Cinema
  • Poštna Street
  • The Main Square and Plaque monument
  • Lent Festival
  • The Oldest grapevine Stara trta

More information: https://maribor-pohorje.si/best-choice,