Admission for the IBO

//Admission for the IBO
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Entry requirements:

  • Students are no older than 17 when enrolling into the IB DP.
  • Completion of the second year of grammar school (a four-year programme).
  • Completion of year 1 of grammar school with a final grade of ‘very good’ or higher.
  • An average grade of ‘Very Good’ or higher in their mother tongue (Slovene), Mathematics and English.
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities in the fields of culture and sports (in school, or in local societies, clubs, organisations etc.).

The application form, along with the required documentation, should be sent as registered consignment with “IB 20xx” specified on the envelope, the deadline is April.

Foreign students can apply to the IB DP programme where the tuition fee is free of charge, however, the dormitory accommodation needs to be paid for by the students (around 2500,00€ per year), as well as additional costs of the programme for two years (around 600,00€). Expenses can be paid in instalments.

Documents that need to be enclosed:

  • A photocopy of the first year’s final certificate and the second year’s ‘report on a candidate’s grades’.
  • Certificates of participation and achievements in extra-curricular activities and competitions.

The final selection of the candidates is done after individual interviews with the candidates in May and June.

Incomplete applications, as well as applications received after the deadline are not taken into consideration.

Students receive the notification of the results in June.