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Welcome to the website of II. gimnazija Maribor – “The school which opens all doors.”

II. gimnazija Maribor is within walking distance from the city centre, and is situated in a peaceful environment.

Our high school offers the following programmes:

The National Grammar School Programme, the Sports Class Programme and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Students may choose to participate in more than 70 different extra-curricular activities. The school´s location makes it easy for students to access a number of public transport connections (bus, train). The school, which has had a reputation of excellence for more than 60 years, is proud of its innovative approach to education and academic excellence, and provides its students with a strong extra-curricular foundation.

The school`s ambitions and intentions are best described by its mission to develop creativity, self-initiative, solidarity and independence.


When compared to other grammar schools, “Druga” will provide you with more and something very different. I’m not saying this because it sounds nice. If you are curious, inventive, and courageous, you will certainly enjoy “Druga” Maša Mikić, former 4. b student, now studying international relations at the University of Ljubljana.
Maša Mikić, former 4. b student
As there are many creative minds at “Druga”, it offers a special safe haven where we can express our artistic fads and crazes. With or without a talent, but with HUGE amounts of paint, we create a countless number of art projects – from big posters to drawings of worn-out shoes. Alenka Hafner, MM2
Alenka Hafner, MM2
I chose the IBO DP because I have been interested in studying abroad since my first year of high school. I like working in small groups, and the mix of nationalities in class gave us the opportunity to learn about other cultures, which is a priceless experience to have in the modern, internationally connected world. Tina Škorjanc, former IB student, NY University Abu Dhabi
Tina Škorjanc, former IB student
I met some of the best and friendliest people I know in the EST (English Student Theatre). Just hanging out with them makes my day. I also enjoy performing – singing, dancing and acting in the current musical. Miha Malenšek, MM1
Miha Malenšek, MM1
Research is an opportunity for me to try new things, discover something new, and get to know topics outside of the curriculum that I’m interested in and would like to pursue a career in. The results and findings of every research project gives me a sense of gratification and new energy for future research. Eva Lobnik, MM2, recipient of the golden “Youth for the development of Maribor” research award in the field healthcare and the “Krka” research award.
Eva Lobnik, MM2


Tatjana Zagoranski, info@druga.si

mag. Ivan Lorenčič, ivan.lorencic@druga.si

Deputy Head:
Mateja Krumpak, mateja.krumpak@druga.si

IBO Coordinator:
Polona Vehovar, polona.vehovar@druga.si