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Accommodation can provide an excellent transition from home to independence and maturity. Students who are aged 14 – 19 enjoy the benefits of boarding at an important stage in their school careers, and it also prepares them for life at university.

In Maribor different student dormitories welcome students who come from abroad, and therefore, need boarding for their schooling at II. gimnazija Maribor. The student dormitory Drava, for example, accommodates students who come from different foreign countries. Chosen for its convenient location in the city, it is located within a short walking distance from II. gimnazija Maribor.

They offer a full-board programme, 3 healthy meals per day, tutors and mentors, sports, and cultural and social activities that run every week. Families are welcome to visit, and students may go home or stay in the dorm on weekends. Many foreign students, however, who live far away from home stay in the dormitory for the weekend. Apart from meals, the dormitory provides magazines and newspapers, TV and other audio-visuals.

With the team of resident tutors, the headmaster shares the duties and responsibilities of taking care of the students, some of whom may be away from home for the first time. The dormitory has friendly staff and features bright facilities that provide a comfortable learning environment for students during the week and weekend.

The dormitory facilities accommodate the needs of the students and include:

  • 160 large, bright double rooms with a bathroom (4 students share a shower and a toilet)
  • A computer classroom
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms
  • Classrooms for studying to encourage stimulating classroom interaction
  • A sports hall for playing basketball, volleyball and fitness as well as an outdoor court (football and basketball) and play areas, where students can play different team sports, exercise, run, do archery, play table tennis, etc.
  • A club room for gatherings, creativity workshops, and playing pool.
  • Music rooms (one for the individual use and one for groups, equipped with two pianos, one electric piano, the guitar, the accordion, drums and a hi-tech sound system).

The facilities provide a unique and enjoyable learning experience for each student. Activities such as dance, chess, and the Arts workshops are led by dormitory mentors.

With small class sizes, students receive a lot of attention from their mentors and resident tutors (for Mathematics, Physics, Slovene, and foreign languages), and are challenged and nurtured to develop their skills and interests, all while developing strong friendships among the students and possibilities for sports, charity and other activities. Close contact with the parents and the school enable the mentors and resident tutors to monitor students’ results and success at school.

Address: Smetanova 67, 2000 Maribor, Slovenija
Administration:, +386 (0)2 234 81 52
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